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How Deep Cleaning Can Help Secondary Schools Return Safely 

As secondary schools reopen across the country, they will be facing new challenges. CICS is the UK’s only  ISO 9001, 14001 and 18001 accrediated company to also offer ISSA GBAC Star bio-risk accreditation for handling COVID-19 decontamination.

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Re-opening Zoos Safely Under New Post Lock-down Conditions

Secondary schools across the country are beginning to reopen this week – starting with years 10 and 12 from Monday. Only a quarter of eligible pupils will be allowed in school at any one time and, as it stands, schools may not fully reopen until September at the earliest according to the government. 

There will be facing a slew of new challenges. Around 300 schools and colleges will be offering between 5-30 hours of face-to-face teaching each week. Others are making a more gradual return by starting with pupils who are struggling the most, including offering individual pastoral sessions to monitor mental health. In short, the return will be difficult and testing, but there is hope. 

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Traveling to School With Social Dinstancting 

To get a sense of it will be like to return, here’s a few of the approaches taken by a secondary school in Devon:

Students who do return will be encouraged to travel separately and avoid public transport

Those using public transport and will have to wear masks

School buses have a limitation on how many students they’re allowed to take on

Some schools have issued a ban on sixth-formers car sharing

Within The School Grounds

Within the school grounds, similar social distancing guidelines are being taken with particular emphasis on staff support and sinage: 

Staff will be issued guidance handbooks on reopening safely

There will be signage in classrooms and corridors reminding students of the social distancing rules along with a one-way walking system.

Staff will be wearing high-vis jackets and will monitor entry and exit points

Parents should not gather at school gates or in the playground

Appointment based entry for outside visitors

“CICS.ltd have always gone out of their way to help our business. We have set them some incredibly challenging tasks and they have come up with the perfect solution time and time again”

Mark Harrison, BGE LTD

COVID-19 Coronavirus Disinfection Services & Deep Cleaning

How Regular Deep Cleaning Can Help To Keep Your School Safe

Ultra low volume (ULV) fogging  which works by compressing disinfectant through a specially designed nozzle and producing a fine mist or aerosol. The water based chemicals are very low volume (0-49 micros). For zoos, there are a wide range of indoor applications where fogging is appropriate including, walkways, indoor exhibits, shops and eating areas. 

Outdoors the virus is less prevalent. However, there are several areas that are equally susceptible including handrails, entry and exit turnstiles,  animal enclosures, food stall counters and even bins and sidewalks. Regular cleaning throughout the day and professional deep cleaning at the end of each day can help to make your zoo a safer place for staff and visiting customers.

ISO Quality Cleaning with COVID Decontamination  

With ISO 9001 you can be assured that we will improve the quality of the zoo environment while meeting health and safety obligations of OHSAS 18001 ( ISO 45001). CICS Ltd are also fully compliant with ISO 14001 and our staff are trained to be aware of environmental considerations in all the work they carry out.

By working with us your premises also benefits from our GBAC star internationally accredited decontamination cleans. With proper cleaning protocols, disinfection techniques, and work practices,  we are one of the few companies in the UK ISSA qualified to combat biohazardous and infectious agents including the novel coronavirus (SARS-CoV-2).

“CICS worked in a timely and efficient manner. They were friendly, professional and kind during all my dealings with them and the final result was fantastic. I would highly recommend them and would not hesitate to use them again in the future.”

Suzanne Trisk

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